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"Very useful and interesting from the technical, social and networking point of view. Essential for the region/Caribbean."

Would you like to join our Speaker Faculty?

Why people speak at Energy Caribbean...

Why not join us for this year?

We are always keen to hear from experienced professionals who may wish to contribute to the Energy Caribbean conference. Our programmes are thoroughly researched over a period of months, ensuring that all topics are comprehensive, up-to-date and cover those issues that matter most to the marketplace.  

The Energy Caribbean conference presents a unique platform from which to showcase the expertise of a high-profile, expert from your organisation involved in the Caribbean energy market.

Opportunities can include:

  • A speaking slot on a conference agenda – a powerful platform from which to showcase the industry and knowledge and abilities of an expert in your organisation
  • Hosting a roundtable discussion - an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with a targeted group of individuals
  • Chairmanship of a panel or stream – a great way of aligning yourself with a high profile panel of industry experts 
  • Involvement in an industry panel discussion as a panellist or chairperson – a chance to engage in industry-critical debate with market leading executives
  • Leading a one-day workshop before or after theconference - a more in-depth opportunity of demonstrating your expertise to a smaller, more focused group of individuals with specific needs and problems

To learn more about the benefits of speaking, or how to become more involved, please contact Stephanie Brown on +44 (20) 3377 43984 email: stephanie.brown@informa.com  

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(updated 29 October 2014)


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"Gives a very good perspective on the directions the energy industry is taking. Good networking opportunity"
DNV Trinidad & Tobago
"As a senior pioneer of energy in the region I was impressed by the high quality of speakers and presentations"
Caribbean Academy of Sciences