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What did your colleagues say about Onshore Pipeline Engineering 2013?
Expert Speakers Included
Matthew Guite Director - Subsea Pipelines and Risers Theon Limited
Naeim Dastgir Director Petromap Limited
Alan Denney Line pipe specifications, manufacturing, welding and NDT expert Consultant
Dr John Dawson Corrosion Consultant Exova Corrosion Centre
Your Complete Guide
Attend the Onshore Pipeline Engineering course to be brought up to speed on the construction, design and maintenance of onshore pipelines in just four days.
Industry Training
New for 2014
Valve leak detection
Valve leak detection
Internal and external corrosion management and mitigation

Delegates learned about cathodic protection, inhibitors, surveys and monitoring methods for onshore pipelines.

Routing, design and construction principles

We covered engineering design and design codes, the effect of design on cost and safety and GIS techniques.

Integrity Management

Attendees learned about current practices in condition assessment, common onshore pipeline failures and their causes.

Materials, welding, manufacturing and NDT

Covered line pipe specifications, manufacture, welding controls, automatic welding and non-destructive testing methods

Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course is the leading & longest running onshore pipeline engineering course in Europe

Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course - Design, routing, construction, inspection & maintenance of onshore oil, gas & product pipelines

Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course included:

  1. Design, routing and construction of pipelines 
  2. Pipeline materials, welding and NDT 
  3. Compressors, pumps and pig trap design
  4. Integrity management, maintenance & inspection supporting life extension
  5. Pipeline safety including risk assessment and HAZID
  6. Valve types and the principles of valve selection
Matthew Guite at Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course 2012

Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course 2014 Expert Speakers

  • Matthew Guite, Director, Theon Ltd
  • Naeim Dastgir, Director, Petromap Ltd
  • Jeffrey Jones, Senior Consultant, DNV GL
  • Alan Denney, Consultant
  • David Anderson, Managing Director, Score Training and Multimedia Productions Ltd
  • Dr John Dawson, Corrosion Consultant, Exova Corrosion Centre

Join the 1,000+ pipeline professionals who have boosted their careers through the Onshore Pipelines course

Retain new knowledge through varied learning formats:

  • Case studies on corrosion management, compressors, pumps & pig trap design
  • Practical exercises on HAZID, environmental impact assessment, pipeline design and corrosion mitigation
  • Videos on SAW seam welded pipe and pipeline welding in the field

Also, extensive course notes will act as your ongoing reference for onshore pipeline engineering.


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(updated 25 February 2015)

What do people think of the Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course?

"A very good course with useful content for gaining an overview of onshore pipeline engineering"
K O’Neill

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